L’ Omega Point ci trasferirà in una nuova realtà

20 06 2018

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Bisogna studiare la filosofia generata dal 9/11, massimo precursore dell’ Omega Point, per comprendere le implicazioni dell’ ” ENIGMA ASSOLUTO ” che verrà generato dall’ ” evento escatologico ” dell’ OMEGA POINT, che potenzialmente avverrà quest’ estate. Secondo Baudrillard, il 9/11 rappresenta ” la madre di tutti gli eventi “, una trasposizione cinematografica che ha interferito con la realtà, o la realtà che ha sfiorato inavvertitamente una altra dimensione del reale, estranea a tutti noi.

E’ come se la nostra realtà galleggiasse in una dimensione incomprensibilmente complessa, e quel giorno avesse sfiorato in una piccola collisione una realtà del tutto diversa. Ecco, il giorno dell’ Omega Point non avverrà solo un piccolo bump di due ore, ma una vera e propria simbiosi con essa.

Diventeremo personaggi ” migrati ” in un romanzo o in un film, lasciati a risolvere un enigma assoluto. Il zeitgeist del momento è il concetto di ” emigrazione ” e  fuga dalla realtà.  

” Lasciate ogni traccia della realtà, o’ voi ch’ intrate nella dimensione escatologica” si potrebbe dire

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In un certo senso è quello che abbiamo sempre desiderato, lasciarci alle spalle la realtà banale quotidiana ed essere rapiti dall’ inspiegabile. Per quanto mi riguarda, è qualcosa che mi sento dentro da sempre.  




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27 06 2018

THE OMEGA POINT, 1970, Paul Laffoley
Subject: The Process of Evolution, Which Directs the Force of Consciousness to a State of Super-Maturity.
Symbol Evocation: The Universal Center of Unification

Scientism means, from our perspective at the beginning of the twenty-first century, an exaggerated trust in the efficacy of the methods of natural science, especially physics, and the willingness to apply these methods to the other areas of knowledge, like the humanities. Historicism is the doctrine that the passing of the facts of history is the sole standard by which human events are to be valued. To be part of history-not as an abstraction but as a concrete certainty-is superior to being considered either morally good or evil. By this doctrine, the individual who lived only once enjoyed either the glory of entering history or lived and died failure. While scientism and historicism often worked hand in hand, they just as often blocked each other’s efforts, producing a world population bent on becoming a totally objective and totally isolated set of individuals afraid of any kind of unification. As Teilhard de Chardin put it, the fatal mistake of egoism “is to confuse individuality with personality. But his description of true unity is of utopia space: “whatever the domain-wether it be the cells of the body, the members of society, or the elements of a spiritual syntheisis-“union differentiates”. In every organized whole, the parts perfect and fulfill themselves. By failing to grasp this universal law of union, so many kinds of pantheism have led us astray in the worship of a great whole in which individuals were supposed to become lost like a drop of water, dissolved like a grain of salt in the sea. If we apply it to the sum total of consciousness, the law of union frees us from the dangerous and ever-recurring illusion. In confluence along the line of their centers, the grains of consciousness do not tend to lose the depths and incommunicability of their ego. The more together they become the other, the more they become “themselves”. “how could it be otherwise, since they plunge into Omega? Can a center dissolve? Or rather is not its own way of dissolving precisely to supercenter itself?
In this way, under the combined influence of two factors, the fundamental immiscibility of consciousness and natural mechanism of every unification, the only form in which we are able to correctly express the final state of the world on the path of psychic concentration is in a system whose unity coincides with a paroxysm of harmonized complexity. Thus it would be false to represent Omega merely as a center born of the fusion of the elements it gathers together or nullifies itself. By its structure, Omega in its ultimate principle can only be a distinct center radiating at a core of a system of centers.
Currently, the theoretical physicst Frank J. Tipler (1986) with John D. Barrow, a book of physics theory based on the Omega Point called The Physics of Immortality (1994). Tipler starts by saying: “When I began my career as a cosmologist some twenty years ago, I was a convinced atheist. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that one day I would be writing a book purporting to show that the central claims of Judeo-Christian theology are in fact true, that these claims are straightforward deductions of the laws of physics as we now understand them. I have been forced into these conclusions by the inexorable logic of my own special branch of physics.” What Tipler goes on to argue is that the transition from the noosphere to the Omega Point can be represented physically by our material universe inverting the big bang (the first singularity) by contracting to the big crunch (the final singularity). As we approach Omega, all intelligent life forms that ever existed will be recreated as virtual reality computer programs run faster than light speed. As a result, we will have an effective eternity of existence (or aevum: the Latin for never-ending time) in which all people will be resurrected before the universe ends in the Omega.

27 06 2018


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