Chimica della vita e sistemi di divinazione – associazione

20 03 2018

A presto per la traduzione!

DNA HELIX  –  BOOK OF LIFE                       I CHING – BOOK OF CHANGES
Discovered 1953, Watson/Crick                       Created 1100 BCE?, King Wen

A POLAR helix of PYRIMIDINE &                 A POLAR complex of YIN & YANG
PURINE chemicals written in                         symbols written in language of
language of 4 NUCLEIC ACIDS                     4 EMBLEMATIC SYMBOLS taken 3 at
taken 3 at a time for 64 CODONS                a time for 64 HEXAGRAMS aka KUA

Complementary base pairs bond                     Kua constructed using the
with 2 or 3 hydrogen atoms                          numbers 2 (yin) and 3 (yang)

Combined, the codons provide                           Combined, the kua provide
INSTRUCTIONS (GENES) for the                   INSTRUCTIONS (MEMES) for the
functioning of a living being                          behavior of a citizen and, by
and, by extension, the                                 extension, the effective
functioning of the biosphere                            functioning of a society

Process of gene expression:                          Process of I Ching divination:
DNA->pre-mRNA->mRNA->Proteins               3 kua->2 kua->1 kua->result kua
/         \                            /       \
junk DNA; introns  (out)          ground kua1; ground kua2   (out)

tRNA as link between NUCLEIC                TRUMPS as link between KUA &

DNA->mRNA via Transcription                  BOOK OF THOTH (Tarot) A. Crowley
        Codons <–> tRNAs                             Kua meanings <–> Trump meanings

mRNA->Proteins via Translation               BOOK OF CREATION “Sefer Yetzirah”
tRNAs -> assigned Amino Acids              Trumps -> assigned Hebrew Letters

22 GROUPS cover all 64 CODONS             22 Tarot TRUMPS & LETTERS, with
(19 Amino Acid groupings plus                      their meanings, to be compared
1 start codon +2 stop groups)                       with 64 KUA in 22 GROUPS
in 3 CLASSES:                                          in 3 CLASSES:
CODON CLASSES                              TRUMP   CLASSES   LETTER
3 Punctuation codon groups                          3 Elements        3 Mothers
7 Non-polar/Hydrophobic Acids                      7 Planets         7 Doubles
12 Polar/Hydrophilic Acids                            12 Zodiac Signs   12 Simples

Productive of ?? Proteins                               Productive of ?? Thoughts
giving rise to an approximate                        giving rise to an approximate
infinite no. of life species.                                infinite number of texts.

64 CODONS coding for 22                              64 KUA coding for 22
CHEMICALS in 3 CLASSES.                          LETTERS in 3 CLASSES.
Codons composed of 4 NUCLEIC                 Kua composed of 4 BASIC IMAGES
ACIDS of 2 TYPES: (taken 3 at                     of 2 TYPES: (taken 3 at a time)
a time)
PURINES – Adenine                                      YANG – Old Yang   9–o–  —–
and                                                                    —–

Guanine                                              Young Yang 7—–  —–
— —

PYRIMIDINES – Thymine in DNA                  YIN  – Old Yin    6–x–  — —
Uracil in RNA                                                   — —
Cytosine                                         Young Yin  8– —  — —
Adenosine-triphosphate (ATP)                                           Old Yang
MAIN energy supplier for                                    The MAIN image of energy in
cellular metabolism.                                              I Ching symbolism
structure of Adenine: pentagon                               has numerical value of 9
& hexagon = 9 external points

Guanine-triphosphate  (GTP)                                        Young Yang
LESSER energy supplier and                           The LESSER image of energy
Guanine has similar chemical                                     in I Ching system
structure to Adenine.                                             numerical value = 7

By chemical complementation:                         By symbolic complementation:

Thymine/Uracil and Cytosine                                Old Yin and Young Yin
have chemical structure of a                                              have
hexagon for 6 external points                                 numerical values of 6 and 8

3 classes of CODON GROUPS:                     3 classes of TRUMPS & LETTERS:

3 Punctuation groups                                         3 Elemental and Mothers
( 4 codons )                                                      ( 4 kua )
7 Non-polar/Hydrophobic AA                               7 Planetary and Doubles
( 24 codons )                                                     ( 24 kua )
12 Polar/Hydrophilic AA                                    12 Zodiac signs and Simples
( 36 codons )                                                     ( 36 kua )




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