Popular culture breakthrough: IT 2017 and a breath of cinematic novelty after the Long 2000s slumber ( and that old times Iconic feeling is here )

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Make no mistake, this IT movie was something else, different from all the cinematic novelty’s slumber that plagued the popular culture in music and cinematic history for pretty much the entire 2000s. ( * For the people who don’t know about this blog, we talk and discuss, among all the other topics, the way culture in general has changed and has become more loop – like, with all the remakes, sequels and superheroes stuff  – and with all kinds of revivals – we definitely live in the cultural age of RE – everything ) ( ** yeah, IT 2017 is a remake, but at the same time it is something else entirely )

So, at least for the preteens and teens, and Stephen King readers, and nostalgics of the 1990s and 1980s, they finally saw a movie that inspires thoughts of ( Old Time ) legend the likes we have not seen since Star Wars in the 1970s and E. T. and the first real Jurassic Park. This is it, what we were waiting for, and when I see this PERFECTLY SELECTED cast, I just think that for many teens and preteens out there, these guys are the new Beatles. They are an exception because for many years cinematic culture seemed to have lost that Legendary Feeling that made an actor or an actress an Icon, a Culture Maker. Now at least they have their true icons.

Stephen King has created characters with a depth that I had not seen since the incredibly underrated saga of Animorphs ( 1996 – 2001 ) ( * I cannot believe this saga didn’t become a planetary success. ) Yesterday I finished the book of IT and I almost cried. Animorphs characters were so well written that looked like real people. Same thing happens with the Losers Club.  

I hope that for all the kids and teens out there, who live a hard and tough life, they will take inspiration from this movie ( and don’t forget the novel 🙂 ) and create connections that will win over all the difficult experiences they get through. The cast ‘s Amazing friendship should inspire many other people to create their own Losers Club ( * to be a Loser should acquire a new meaning, a cultural meaning related to friendship in some slang out there ) ( ** and eventually all who lost something will gain a lot from their connections, so find unity with your classmates and neighbors and create the story of your epic friendship ). Create your own culture and share it.

So, maybe this is the breakthrough for cinematic industry to finally recover the Icons feeling in movies. This may as well be the first breath of fresh air since the mid – 1990s.

This article is a little gift for them, the cast, and I hope they will enjoy their life and I hope they will understand their true potential, because they can actually become, maybe soon, maybe in the near future, culture makers. Acting in movies is not just a job, it is culture making. It’s that magic thing that also happens in the activity of reading: letting people live in the mind of someone else. You actor yourself become someone else during the process of acting. Meditate on these thoughts 🙂 You have the gift of getting access to all kind of different worlds in which you live your story, you have the gift of virtual eternity because your movies will be seen for generations to come.     

I am an aspiring writer, so I hope I will someday able to add my 2 cents to popular culture, and to create worlds, and I hope that someday I will be able to know you guys 🙂   

—————————————– ( changing topic, we discuss the link between this article and our interpretation of culture in this blog ) 

In Italian, we discussed the atmosphere of ” cultural exhaustion ” and the plunge in a loop of habit in every single part of popular culture, https://civiltascomparse.wordpress.com/2010/04/15/loccidente-ha-esaurito-la-sua-spinta-propulsiva/ ( The occidental world has exhausted the novelty ‘s propulsive push – 2010 ) ( https://civiltascomparse.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/segnali-di-esaurimento-delle-novita-nella-maniera-consueta-di-vedere-il-mondo-e-la-storia/ – 2011 ) while we also discussed ( in Italian ) that 1956 was probably the most culturally powerful and influential year in 20th century, that year was in fact like some sort of cultural Big Bang that shaped the rest of everybody’s life since.





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